How to get classroom experience when you study online!

Nothing beats studying to become a teacher like an intensive training course.  However, in this fast-paced world that isn’t always possible.  Online training courses are growing in popularity but they cannot, by nature, cover all aspects of becoming a teacher.  For example, you cannot study how to be in a classroom or to respond to students in that moment.

This is why we are proud to offer a TESOL Practicum course.  Our course is designed to give guided, practical classroom experience and to elevate your teaching knowledge.  Working with trainers to hone your skills, you will get time in the classroom with real students, who will rely on your teaching.


The TESOL Practicum is the best investment you can make once you’ve started your training.  We often have teachers who are returning to teaching taking this course, so they can get confidence in their teaching back.

Want to know more?  TESOL/TEFL PRACTICUM

Boost your teaching skills with us. #TeachingismyPassport




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