Korea calling

Some great thoughts by Mike Griffin on the use of #ELTpics! I love this resource. If you haven’t already, check it out!

take a photo and....

Another great guest blogger, Mike Griffin is based in Seoul and is a key figure behind the blossoming #KELTchat, an ELT chat for teachers in Korea. He’s also got an unmissable, ‘must-read’ blog. I’m so glad he agreed to write for Take a photo and…, particularly as he hasn’t actually used ELTpics much, and it’s wonderful to see the thinking through of how he could actually incorporate the resource. Have a read and then please do add your own thoughts in the comments box below. How could YOU use ELTpics? Over to Mike:
I’ve  never even owned a camera. Well, there was that one time I borrowed an old one from my sister just before departing on a trip sometime in the late 90’s. I promptly lost it and have never gotten around to buying another one. I guess I am not really all that into photos or…

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