EFL / ESL Teaching Tip: Parts of Speech Hotseat


This week’s video features Meghan Killeen, an ESL teacher here at Rennert in New York. She is sharing a quick activity idea to practice parts of speech in a fun and controlled way. Here are the steps:

1. Elicit different parts of speech from the students and write them with examples on the board.
2. The students then write one or two example sentences using as many of the parts of speech listed on the board as they can. The teacher should monitor and provide support and correction when needed. Once the students have finished, the teacher collects all the sentences.
3. Divide the class into two teams and bring up one student from each team. These students should sit in front of the class with their backs to the board. They will be the first ‘guessers’.
4. Write one of the student-generated sentences on the board. Make sure you know which students wrote which sentences. You don’t want to give a sentence that one of the guessers wrote because it will be too easy! The teacher circles the first word in the sentence and the guessers’ teammates gather around and give clues. The first guesser to say the first word of the sentence gets a point for their team. This continues until all the words in the sentence have been described and guessed.
5. Then give each team extra points if the guesser is able to remember the full sentence. After, all extra points have been given, switch guessers and continue the game with a new sentence.

If you end up using this activity, let us know how it goes! Have fun :).


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