Quick Activity Idea: Race for the Truth!


For this week’s activity idea, I would like to share with you a fun activity that you can do on the first day of class to help your students get to know each other a little.  It’s called Race for the Truth!



  1. Teacher designates and area as the starting line and an area (usually the board) as the finish line. Students line up on the starting line as directed by the teacher. 
  2. Say “In a moment you will hear a statement.  If it is true about you, move forward one step.  If it is false, stay at the starting line. The first person person to reach the finish line wins the race! Make sure to pay attention to what is true or false for your classmates. We will see how much you remember after the race! “
  3. Start the race by making a statement and writing it on the board. Students should move forward or stay where they are based on whether or not the statement is true for them. Once all first moves have been made, the teacher will make another statement and write it on the board.  Again, if it is true, students move forward one step.  If it is false, students remain on the starting line if they have not yet advanced.  If they have advanced past the starting line, take one step back. 
  4. Repeat step three until the first “runner” completes the race. Note: it is very possible to have a tie!
  5. Students now have to show how much they remembered about each other while ‘racing’. Have students mingle and speak to at least 3-5 people trying remember whether they answered true or false to the statements. Students can refer to the board where the statements have been written (in order from first to last) to help jog their memories. 

Example list of statements:

  •  I like studying English.
  •  I have just arrived in (New York).
  •  I have been to more than 10 countries.
  • I need English for my job.
  • I love watching American TV shows.
  • I have a pet.



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