Alumni Update: Heidi Rausch


We are going to try to post more about the great work that our WL-SIT TESOL grads from Rennert are doing out there in the world. I thought I would start with Heidi because she is working on raising money for a great cause to help the local women in the area of Cusco, Peru where she is living and working now. 

 Meet Heidi!

If you can help at all, please do. If not, don’t worry, but it would be great if you could help spread the word! Here is what Heidi has to say. 

“As many of you know, I am currently living in Cusco, Peru and among other things am working with the Q’ero people.  The Q’ero are the blood descendants of the Inka who live in a remote village at 15,000 ft. (4,500 m) in the Andes mountains about 8 hours outside of Cusco.


In the past few years some of the Q’ero families have started moving to Cusco so that their kids can get a better education as only very recently have schools been built in Q’eros. 

The people that live in the villages of Q’eros speak only the Quechua language.  Of the Q’ero that have moved to Cusco, only the younger men and the children speak any Spanish. None of the women speak Spanish.  This makes it really hard for the women (“Mamitas”) to get around in general without a translator.

I asked one of the Mamitas, Monica Quispe T’ika, if she would like to learn Spanish.  She said:  “I would very much love to learn Spanish and I need it very much. I was in the hospital one time and it was really hard because I could not talk to any of the doctors to tell them what was wrong with me.  Also, I have a job here peeling potatoes and would love to be able to understand what my boss is saying to me.”

I would like to start a Spanish Program for these beautiful women and I am looking for donations to help pay for the teacher and the classroom space so that they can more easily navigate life here in Cusco.

I have teamed up with a non-profit organization – The Wiraqocha Foundation. Through their website, you can donate and it may even be tax deductible. Any amount that you give would be very helpful and very much appreciated.

Go to and scroll to the Donate button at the bottom. Please add a note that it is for the Q’ero Mamitas Spanish Program.”

Thank You Very Much       Urpi Chay Sonqollay       Muchas Gracias


Photos by: Lisa Sims              


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