TESOL 2014 Highlights: Stop Animation

I’ve always wanted to try stop motion animation with my students. I wasn’t able to attend this session at the conference last week, so Jennifer’s break down of the session is really helpful!

English with Jennifer

The hunger for more uses of technology in language instruction has certainly not decreased since Dallas. If anything, we teachers seemed to be even more eager in 2014. There were a good number of sessions focusing on technology every day of the convention, and the number of teachers in attendance was always high. Only on the final day when people were not heading to airports (or out in the sun that finally shone after several days of downpours) did I attend a CALL or VDMIS session where participants were not standing along the walls or sitting on the floor.

Scott Duarte and Julie Lopez of the English Language Institute at the University of Delaware attracted many teachers who were curious to learn about stop animation. The presenters started out by talking about equipment and software. From experience, Scott and Julie know that the iPad is an option, but the picture…

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