TESOL 2014 Highlights: Brainstorming Ideas with Brainshark


My presentation from this year’s TESOL conference was featured on English with Jennifer! Thanks for the feature, Jennifer :).

English with Jennifer

TESOL 2014 is in full swing, and despite the rainy weather, there is great energy in the Convention Center here in Portland, Oregon. I attended a few sessions on Day 1, and I would like to share some highlights with those who are not able to attend this year.

Autumn Westphal of the SIT Graduate Institute – Rennert (New York) packed her conference room early in the morning with teachers eager to learn about project-based strategies using Brainshark. Autumn explained that myBrainshark is a free online resource that allows users to create different kinds of digital presentations:

  1. You can add voice to PowerPoint presentations.
  2. You can add narration to a Word document.
  3. You can upload a video and add narration to it (though the original audio track is not silenced).
  4. You can upload images and create a photo album.
  5. You can create podcasts.

Narrating can be done via a computer…

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