Quick Activity Idea: Shouting Dictation




(A great energizer for a sleepy early morning or afternoon class)

 Get students to stand in two lines facing each other. The lines should be a good distance apart (at least 3 yards). The person they face is their shouting dictation partner. One line has a text and the line facing them has a pen and paper. The students are given a time limit (depending on the length of the text) to dictate the passage to their partner. Their partner must spell everything correctly and accurately record the punctuation and paragraphing, etc. The noise of so many students speaking will lead to the raising of voices, hence “Shouting Dictation”.  

The teacher can add to this by walking up and down between the rows talking nonsense or reciting the passage or playing the radio in the middle to further the need to shout!


  1. Instead of setting a time limit this can be done as a race, with the winning pair getting a small prize (I find chocolates are fun prizes)
  2. Give each student in the pair half the passage so they both have the chance to ‘dictate’ and to ‘take dictation’
  3. White out every second word of a text, then white out the alternate words on a second copy of the text, so that each student in the pair has to shout out one word at a time, constantly alternating

This activity is a fun way to practice listening skills, spelling, pronunciation (especially if you choose a text that has lots of the same sounds) or to introduce a short text.  Note: this can be very noisy so be aware of classrooms around you!


image: http://specialedpost.com


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  1. haha, I’ve just imagined how cool and – yes – energetic this must be in a classroom! at least with a nice group of young adults…)

    1. Autumn says:

      It is a lot of fun, but it can get really really loud :).

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