Quick Activity Idea: 4 Theater Games to Practice Creating Stories


image: waunakeepubliclibrary.blogspot.com

Here are four fun theater games that can help your students develop fluency by creating fun stories.

1. Movie Charades

Break students up into groups of 4 and have them come up with some dialogue and actions that could appear in a well-known movie – stress that it shouldn’t be an actual real scene from the movie, just one that fits the characters, scene, etc.  It can help to introduce the idea of ‘deleted scenes’ to give the students a better idea of the type of scene you would like them to create. Groups perform the scenes in front of the class and the class tries to guess which movie the scene is from. You can assign points to groups for creating a scene that no one can guess or assign points to the students who are able to guess the movie based on the scene.

2. Nervous Teacher

Each student receives a card with an adjective and a profession on it. Students are in groups.  Each student must think about the way their character walks, talks, etc.  All four characters are brought together to make a scene. Have the audience try to guess the profession and the adjective after the scene is finished.

3. One Word Story

This is a traditional improv game in which small groups tell a story one word at a time. It is very important that in this game the story makes sense. You should start out by giving the students the title of an interesting story and then have them create a story based on that title. A variation of this game allows students to speak in clauses or thought groups instead of just one word.

4. Family Portrait

Small groups have a few minutes to form a family portrait tableau. Make sure the groups try to communicate as much info as possible through this tableau (who are these people; what are they like; what do they do; why are they all together; etc.) Everyone in the group must be involved. Once they form the tableau they freeze for the “family portrait.” Students in the audience, or students from another group, have to tell the story of this family explaining their relationships, jobs, personalities and why they are all together to have their portrait taken.


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