Tips for Staging Successful Role Plays



Unlike skits, role plays shouldn’t be scripted out in detail; instead you should give the student a general scenario with different elements and suggested ideas for complications to occur. Here are some tips to help set up an effective role play activity.

  1. Role play cards can be a very useful tool. For example: Image
  2. Before asking them to perform a role play you should prepare the students by asking questions. The questions should incorporate the major parts of the role play and the vocabulary/idioms involved. After the question answer session the students should be comfortable with what they need to do.
  3. Allow them a few minutes to study the role cards and work out some key sentences. Give help where needed.
  4. Model the role play clearly with a strong student before asking the students to work in pairs.
  5. Each role play should be performed at least twice with the students changing roles.
  6. Avoid making corrections until the role play is finished.
  7. Recording or videoing role plays can be a very useful tool for giving feedback, but only if the students are comfortable with this.

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    Some great tips for role plays by TESOL at Rennert NYC.

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      Thanks for sharing :).

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