Quick Activity Idea: Homophone Tic-Tac-Toe


ImageHere is a fun quick warmer or closure activity that gets students thinking about connecting the meaning of the word to the spelling with tricky homophones. Make the game even more challenging by requiring a contextual example as well as the meanings of the words!


  1. Write the word ‘homophone’ on the board and elicit meaning.  (Words that sound the same but have different spelling and meaning)  use to/two/too or their/there/they’re as examples.  E.g. They’re getting their car over there.
  2. Elicit a couple of other examples
  3. Introduce tic-tac-toe (make sure Ss understand the game – if not play a regular game).
  4. Divide the class into 2 groups – X and 0
  5. Draw a tic-tac-toe grid on the board filled with words that have homophones.  E.g.






















Note: the level of the class will determine the degree of difficulty you choose.  The examples above are for an Advanced class.

    6. Students work in groups to play tic-tac-toe.  Before they can place their mark in a        square, they must provide the homophone and definition of both words.  The group can  consult with each other.  If a group gets the answer wrong or don’t know, the other team  has a turn.

   7. Ask students for examples of other homophones: e.g. meet/meat, aunt/ant,    wear/where, ate/eight, jeans/genes, blue/blew, heel/heal, plain/plane, our/hour,    night/knight, mussel/muscle, doe/dough, do/due, corps/core, etc.

(Suggested by Noga La’or)

image source: commons.wikimedia.org 


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  1. I love this game. I’ve used it for vocabulary revision (students had to provide their own examples), modal verbs and irregular verbs. It’s fun and engaging.

    1. Autumn says:

      Great! Thanks for sharing :).

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