Weekly Teaching Tip Video: LibreOffice


This is Autumn Clark, the Deputy Head of Teacher Training, sharing a free word processing resource that you can find online.


Autumn: Hi there, this week I wanted to share with you another free resource that you can use as a teacher to create materials. It is called LibreOffice.org. It is basically a Microsoft Office type suite, but it’s completely free. You know, as a teacher you may not have access to Microsoft Office or maybe you only have access to it at work. But this allows you to have a similar type of program, but you don’t have to pay a lot of money to get the whole suite which, you know, I personally can’t afford! So, I am going to show it to you really quickly. It basically has the same format as any of the Microsoft Office programs, but it can be really great and used to create materials for your classroom.

So, the first step is to go to libreoffice.org and download it. Once you download it on your computer, this is the start page. You can see it has the basic applications that Microsoft Office would have. Today we are going to just look really quickly at how you can create a board game with the drawing app.

OK, once you open LibreDraw you will have a blank template like this. If you want to create a board game, which is what I often do, the first thing you would go is go up to format and go to page because you want to switch it to landscape and then hit OK. And then you have a nice big landscape thing here. Now the next thing you want to do is probably add in a start and a stop. So, down here at the bottom, it has all of the basic shapes here for you to choose from. So, let’s go to stars and let’s pick a five point star here, and let’s pick a little burst and we’ll put that in here. Now if I want to change the color, I just select it and then I got up to the top and I can change it to one of these colors. And I select it, and I go up to the top and I can change it to this color. If I want to add text, I just double click on it and then I can easily type here. And up here is where you can change the font style if I want to for this. And then again, I can double click on it and just type here. So, let me just show you. So, for example, I have a little game board already up here. I have my start and I have my stop. And then I have created all these little arrows. So basically down here, is the arrow—you have your side-to-side…your up, your down…and then I just put them in here. Now something easy is if I create one arrow, I can just hit Control C to copy it and Control V and then I have another arrow that I can put wherever I want. If I want to get rid of it, I just select it and then I can hit delete and it will disappear or Control Z is also undo in LibreDraw. Then maybe on top of my arrows, I double click and I want to type a question like “Where do you live?”…like that! And then they move here, and then they come here and they have to ask this question and then move on to the next question and all the way through!

So, that’s the basics of creating a game board with LibreDraw. It’s really easy. The program itself is fairly intuitive and the best part is it’s free! So, as a teacher, without a lot of resources I hope that you go to libreoffice.org, can download the program and make a lot of fun materials for your class.


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