ESL / EFL Teaching Tip: A Helpful Website to Find Videos

This Autumn, the Deputy Head of Teacher Training at Rennert International, sharing information about a website that will allow you to download videos for free to use in your class.


Autumn: Hi there, I have a fun and interesting website to share with you this week. It’s called and it’s free, free free! Basically, it a website with a lot of videos that are in the public domain which means that it is OK for you to use them in your classroom…no copyright issues there. You can watch videos on the website; you can download them and save them onto your computer. So let me just show you how it works really fast. Alright, here is the home page of The best way to use this is to search for a particular video or a particular director. So, I am going to search for Buster Keaton here. This is a great resource for silent movies and silent movie clips which I think are really fun to use in the classroom. So I am going to go down to ‘moving images’ and then hit ‘go’. Here are the results. Let’s click on one. I think ‘The Three Ages’ is a really fun movie. So that is going to come up and you have the option—you can play it and stream it directly on the site. You can go into full screen which is really easy and then we can…let’s exit that really quick. So, you can go into full screen mode and watch it there. Also, which is a little bit safer and which is why I love this site is that you have the option to download it. Under here you have a few different video types; MPEG is easily played by Windows Movie Player. So, I will click on that and then there it is! It will download. I’m using Google Chrome right now. I know it will also work well with Internet Explorer. I just like Google Chrome better. So, here in your downloads folder (it will save it to the downloads folder), so just keep in mind if you are looking for it that is where it is going to be. Once it finishes downloading it will usually auto-open in your media player. And then you don’t need to worry about losing internet connection because it is saved to your computer and it is all for free! So, I hope you find a helpful resource to find movie clips and my favorite silent films and good luck using it with your classroom.


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