5 Quick Activity Ideas Using a Cell Phone Camera



ImageCell phones–most of our students have them and most of the time they make our jobs harder! Students are texting, checking emails or checking Facebook when they should be paying attention in class. However, there are some great ways to incorporate students’ cell phones into your lessons to build student engagement and motivation. Here are 6 quick ideas for using a cell phone camera in your class. Enjoy!

  1. This first idea is pretty easy to use and helps the students focus more when you are doing board work. Some students love to take lots and lots of notes. However, others tune out during these parts of the lesson unless they can focus on the board and ask questions. To help out the latter, have your students take photos of notes on the board. This way the students who like taking notes are getting double notes (they LOVE this) and other students are able to focus in a way that suits their learning style.
  2. The Picture Preposition activity: have your students take a picture of an object in the school > the students text a partner the picture >the partner has to text back a description of the position of the object using proper prepositions of place > then the students text the sentences to the teacher for correction. If your students don’t feel comfortable texting each other, you can just have them show each other the pictures in class and write/say the sentences.
  3. For homework, have your students take a picture of something interesting. Leave it open-ended to see what they come up with. Have them show the picture to a classmate the next day in class. That classmate needs to use the picture as inspiration for an essay topic.
  4. Put students in small groups and have them make a simple slide show story by  taking 4-6 snapshots that illustrate important moments in the story.  They then have another group scroll through the images on the phone in order and verbally tell the story as they imagine it from the pictures. 
  5. Make a vocabulary exercise in which each student is given a word. They then have to illustrate that word with three photographs taken with their cell phones by the end of the day to share in class. 

image source: www.123rf.com 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. frankedgar77 says:

    These are awesome ideas that I have never thought of. I am sure that these would all be a hit in the classroom!

    1. Autumn says:

      Wonderful! So glad you found this helpful :). Thanks for reading!

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