Quick Activity Idea: Peer Sentence Correction

Can also be used in your language classroom!

Giving students feedback on their language is not only your job as a teacher, but also a key part of the language learning process. It can be fun and rewarding to get the students involved in this process to build learner autonomy, language self-reflection skills, and build student motivation in class. 

Here’s a sentence correction activity to try (leave 15-20 minutes at the end of class/activity to do complete the following):

1. During a fluency activity, or throughout the lesson, take notes on common errors you notice. Choose to focus on just one type of error. Correcting a lot of errors at once can be overwhelming and hinder students’ learning. Some categories are: habitual errors, errors that relate to the language you are teaching that week, common errors of the level you are teaching, or errors that block communication.

2. When you are taking notes, make sure you are writing in full sentences and writing in a way that will allow you to cut up the sentences into strips.

3. After you cut up the strips, put them all in the center of the table. Have your students choose 1-2 sentences each, or a few sentences in groups or pairs. Your students should not know who made the errors.  

4. The students then work alone or in groups or pairs to correct the sentences. You can then collect the strips, put the corrected sentences on the whiteboard and have whole class correction.  This preserves anonymity.

I hope you found this helpful and can try this out with your class :).

image source: flickr.com


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  1. I have never thought of such anonymous kind of way of sentence correction. What a great idea! I have practised correcting one’s partners assignments. However, I’ve always been a little reluctant to do it because I don’t want any student to feel ashamed or embarrassed in class.

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