A Practice Activity for -ed/-ing Adjectives


This is Joanna, a teacher at Rennert International, sharing a practice activity for -ed/-ing adjectives using the fun party game Apples to Apples.


Joanna: Hi, my name is Joanna and I am a teacher here at Rennert International and I am here to share a tip with you about teaching the difference between –ed and –ing ending , such as excited and exciting. Many students have trouble with this, sometimes they will say things like, “I am boring”, when they mean “I am bored.” So, to practice this, we use a game called Apples to Apples that includes adjectives and nouns. So, for example each student will collect 7 cards, red cards, which are nouns and we’ll choose an adjective such as exciting. Each student has to choose then has to choose a card that they have that is something that is exciting. Then they have to explain it. Such as…going to the movies, why is this exciting? They have to explain it—’it is exciting because I get to learn more English and I get to be with friends’. Then after we have gone around the room we say, ‘OK, now make this into the –ed. How do we say I am excited by something else?’ ‘I’m excited when I go to the movies because I get to see friends and see new things.’ It is essentially the same meaning, but using it in a different way for feeling. So, that is just one tip on teaching the difference between –ed ending and –ing.


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