Quick Activity Idea: Rhyming Game


 This is a fun warmer that will get the students’ brains ready to think in English. I think it can be used with any level of students, it just depends on the difficulty and quantity of words the students need to find rhymes for.


  • Split the class into four teams, A, B, C and D (you can do this game with fewer teams, but I like 4 teams)
  • Choose two words which they will be able to find rhymes for: for example, tea and chair.
  • Give the teams four minutes to write down as many words as they can that rhyme with the 2 words.
  • When the time is up, Team A then asks Team B for a word that rhymes with the first word (for example, tea). Team B gives an answer: for example, bee rhymes with tea.
  • If other teams have written down the word bee, they cross it off their lists. Team B gets one point for each team that doesn’t have that word on their list. So, if 2 teams have it and one team doesn’t have it, then Team B gets 1 point.
  • Continue asking different teams for their words until teams have given all the words on their list which rhyme with the first word. You can then do the same with the second word. The team with the most points at the end wins.  

It is similar to the party game Scattergories, but instead of words with the same first letter, you focus on rhyming sounds.

I hope you try this out and have a blast with your class!

image: selvipoem.blogspot.com



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