This One’s For The Sloth-Lovers… Meet Our Surprise Costa Rican House Guest!


I must go live in Costa Rica immediately.

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Here’s a first for us. We’re familiar with sloths – we’ve seen them hanging out in the trees overhead while exploring Costa Rica’s numerous national parks, watched one glide across a telephone cable in Monteverde, and even transported one to a local zoo just outside La Fortuna de San Carlos that had fallen and was lying on the side of the road (it sadly passed away in the van en route). However, we have never had the privilege of entertaining one at home. Not until this past week, that is.

Meet Rapida. We gave her the name (which translates into English as “fast”) as she was the speediest three-toed sloth we have ever seen. Typically known for being agonizingly slow movers, Rapida the sloth made her way around the back of the house in no time at all. She visited with us for a few hours (napping every so often…

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