Weekly Teaching Tip: Score!




Some students really really love competitive games; some students aren’t crazy about them. However, a great way to keep competitive games fresh is to change up the way you keep score. You can play the same basic board rush game each week, but by changing the way the points are tallied you can build more excitement/gain more buy in to the game. Here are some quick ideas:

1. Instead of giving 1 point for 1 right answer, try choosing a playing card at random and awarding the number of points featured on the card. This will really keep students on their toes!

2. Another variation of the above idea is to roll dice to determine how many points are awarded.

3. Give (play) money to each team/student and they must pay if they answer correctly … the winner is the person who LOSES all the money first! They never expect that one!

4. If you have a large enough class, split the class into 3 groups: 2 competing teams and a panel of judges. Give the judges cards they can hold up a la the Olympics to score each team.

5. Have each team think of a rubric for the other team (for example, if you are playing a story writing or sentence production game). In order to gain points, teams must meet the criteria on the rubric created for them by the other team. 

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