Quick Activity Idea: CORRECT THE LYRICS






LEVEL(S): Any level, but often Upper-Intermediate/ Advanced

1. Set context.
2. Pre-teach vocabulary if necessary.
3. Prediction task.
4. Listen for gist (check in pairs/ whole class check).
5. Listen for errors and underline errors.
6. Check in pairs.
7. Students try to correct errors, based on the information they know (from context and gist).
8. Listen and correct errors (and note any others they didn’t notice before).
9. Work in pairs to check and change answers.
10. Listen to check answers.
11. Students check in pairs.
12. Whole class check.
13. Students listen again to notice the pronunciation of any words they didn’t get.
14. Post listening speaking activity.

– Try to make the incorrect lyrics make some kind of sense.
– The more incorrect lyrics you provide, the more difficult it is.

Example song: I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

image: http://www.memedr.com


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