50/50 Video activity




A 50/50 activity is a fun communicative way to use video in your class. It can give students the chance to fluently use the simple past as well as a number of other tenses or grammatical structures (it really depends on the video you have chosen).

The first thing you need to do is choose a video! A short 5-minute segment is best and needs to involve several characters speaking and doing things.  Soap operas are great because they are very dramatic and a lot can happen in just 5 minutes!

So here is how it works in your class:

1. Half the students listen only (with no visuals). While this is happening the other half of the class will need to leave the room. This is one reason why using a short video is important.

2. Then you switch the students out and the other half of the students watch only (with no sound).  

3. Then both groups come together in groups or pairs and try to work out what happened (this involves lots of speaking—this is where you can use this activity to assess target grammar!).  

4. Finally, the whole class watches together to check how correct they were. This can lead to more discussion afterwards. 

Hope you find this helpful and have fun with it!

image: www.crosstrainingsoftball.com


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