Quick Activity Idea: WRITING THE CHORUS




Language Focus: Listening/Creative Writing

LEVEL(s): Pre-Intermediate and above

1. Set context.
2. Pre-teach vocabulary if necessary.
3. Hand out lyrics to the students, minus the chorus. Have students listen to the song (they may have to listen several times) and fill in the chorus. Have students compare their answers with a partner(s) and work together to make sure that all students have the words to the chorus filled in correctly.
4. Put students in pairs and have them write their own lyrics to the chorus. Make sure to model . Note: have the song playing quietly in the background as students are writing. Students can then perform their chorus to the rest of the class.

CONSIDERATIONS: This activity is also a great way to work on rhyming sounds and to practice pronunciation.

Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion

image: poemsprayersandponderings.wordpress.com


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