Use a Song to Present your Grammar



For example: She’ll be Coming ‘round the Mountain

1. set context
2. pre-teach vocabulary if necessary
3. prediction task
4. listen for gist/ clarify context: Is she here yet? What are the main actions mentioned? (check in pairs/ whole class check)
5. listen for detail/ focus on grammar: identify continuous actions and one-time actions. ALTERNATIVE: Can do this as a gap fill with the lyrics on a handout.
6. Grammar presentation: Use the lyrics as sample sentences. Elicit difference in meaning between future simple and future progressive. Elicit future time clause (when she comes) and go over use of simple present in future time clause.

– For other ideas, google song lyrics and your grammar and you can find songs for a LOT of different grammar points – it’s a great way to integrate skills in a grammar lesson.
– Songs can be used for practice OR presentations, since they usually have a clear context.
– “She’ll be coming ‘round the mountain” is an old American song geared towards kids, so some adult learners might find it strange or childish

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