Quick Activity Idea: Listening: What is irony?




Uses the song Ironic by Alanis Morissette

LEVEL(S): Upper Intermediate/ Advanced with this song

1. Set context.
2. Pre-teach vocabulary if necessary.
3. Listen for gist (check in pairs/ whole class check).
4. Listen for detail: students identify things that went wrong.
5. Students listen and check and see if they can add any more.
6. Check in pairs and whole class check.
7. Students identify what’s truly ironic and what’s merely bad luck.
8. Discuss in pairs and with whole class, focusing on what is the difference between irony and bad luck.

– For illustrating and exploring abstract vocabulary, choose a song with lyrics that clearly demonstrate vocabulary.
– Can also be used for building vocabulary associated with a particular word or theme.

image taken from this fun blog post on irony: dailywritingtips.com/what-is-irony-with-examples/


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