1. Set context: famous song by the Beatles, describes some strange things.
2. Listen for gist: identify 3 things that are strange (check in pairs/ whole class check).
3. Listen for (write down) any and all nouns they hear.
4. Check in pairs.
5. Listen again and note more nouns.
6. Check in pairs.
7. Whole class check.
8. Vocabulary Focus:
– Identify where 2 nouns are used together > introduce (or review) compound nouns.
– Elicit/ explain why compound nouns are used so much in this song .
– For other nouns in song, students (working alone or in pairs) make compound nouns from other nouns (non- compound nouns) identified in song e.g. snow clouds, water fountain, racing horse train.
9. Writing: Students work alone to write a poem using the new words they came up with.
10. Students share their poem with partner or with class via reading aloud, mingle etc.

– Try to choose a song with a lot of words with the same part of speech (nouns, adjectives or verbs), as that will lend itself more to vocabulary grouping and to descriptive writing.
– “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” has a lot of difficult vocabulary, so is best suited for high levels.

Activity Idea: Noga La’or and James Stakenburg

image taken from: tumblr.com/tagged/writing-poetry


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