Activity Idea: Drawing to Music

1. Have the following instructions written on the board as the students walk into the classroom, while music is playing in the background.

  • Take out a blank piece of paper and a pen/pencil.
  • Relax.
  • Listen to the music.
  • Think about how the music makes you feel.
  • Draw whatever comes to mind.
2. After a minute or two of the students drawing, quietly take the papers from the students and switch them around. Tell the students to continue drawing.
3. Do this several times, until the students have pictures that are well established.4. After about fifteen minutes, turn off the music and ask the students how the music made them feel. Brainstorm ideas on the board.

5. Put all of the pictures in the middle of the table, or tape them to the board.

6. In pairs, have students look at the pictures and choose their favorite.

7. In pairs, have students write a story based on the picture they chose and present it to the class.

CONSIDERATIONS: It is important to choose music that will allow the students to relax and work at a pace that they are comfortable with. Fast-paced music does not necessarily work will with an activity such as this one. Since this is not a listening comprehension activity, it is not important that the students understand the lyrics of the songs. They should instead focus on how the song makes them feel.

image taken from:

Activity idea from: Noga La’or and James Stakenburg at
Rennert International

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