Quick Activity Idea: POP UP!


A fun listening activity to help develop the bottom up skill of recognizing specific words is POP UP!

1. Teacher introduces the song by using visuals and asking questions to prompt background knowledge.

2. Teacher hands out pieces of paper to students. Each piece of paper has a word from the song written on it. Students can receive anywhere from two to four pieces of paper/words each.
3. Play song. As the students hear their word(s), they need to hold up their cards.

You can also alter this activity to make it a competition or more kinesthetic. Consider having the students stand with their card when they hear the word to make this even more active. Also, you can make many copies of the all the cards, separate the class into groups and have the students slap or take the card when they hear it to make this a game. 

One really important thing to consider for this activity is that you choose the right kind of song. You need to choose a song with a fast to medium tempo that has the same words repeated over and over again. I have used the Beatles song “Hello, Goodbye” many times for this activity. 

image taken from: digitalmp.com


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