Quick Activity Idea: Poetry Writing



ImageTry one of these simple poetry writing activities with your class:

Line 1: I like (place name)
Line 2: Because it is ______ and ____
Line 3: Even when it is _____
Line 4: Even when I feel _____
Line 5: I like (same place as line 1)

For example:

I like New York
Because it is fun and exciting
Even when it is hot
Even when I feel sad
I like New York

Or try a more artistic cinquain Poem:

Line 1: Write the subject of the poem: a title
Line 2: Describe the subject in 2 words (adjectives)
Line 3: Describe an action about the subject, try to use only 3 words.
Line 4: Describe the subject more in 4 words
Line 5: Restate the subject of the poem using 1 word which reflects what has already been written (usually a noun)

For example:

Cool, refreshing
Suddenly cascading down
Renewed, alive with anticipation

image taken from: shelbytwplib.org


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