Relative Clauses Card Game


1. Give each student 2 blank cards. One one card they should write a classmate’s name and on the other card they should write a command (sit to the right, stand up, jump up and down, etc…). Encourage the students to be creative with the commands, but make sure it is something that can be done in your classroom. If you have fewer students, give each student 4 cards or 6 cards and allow them to repeat a student’s name more than once.

2. Teacher takes all the cards and makes 2 piles (a name card pile and a command pile). Make sure the cards are good and shuffled :).
3. Now the students take turns drawing one card from each pile. After the 2 cards are drawn, that student makes a sentence with the name and command on the cards. Students will practice with relative clauses and will have to change the command sentence into the continuous tense. For example, ‘John is the person who is jumping up and down.’
4. Then ‘John’ (the student whose name was drawn) will have to perform whatever action was said in the sentence (in this case, jumping up and down).
5. Continue until all cards have been played.

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