Quick Activity Tip: Jigsaw Reading



A great way to spice up a reading lesson is to jigsaw it! However, before using this type of activity, make sure your students understand the basic rules of paraphrasing and summarizing.

1. Choose a text that can be divided into parts/sections.

2. Separate the class into groups. The number of groups will correspond to the amount of paragraphs or sections your reading text has. (3 sections=3 groups). Assign each group one paragraph/section of the text


3. Tell the students to read their assigned paragraphs/sections silently and encourage them to take notes about the main points of the text to facilitate sharing this information with their groups. Make sure that when students take notes they are writing using their own thoughts and not copying the text word for word.

4. Re-group the students so that there is one representative of each paragraph/section present. (you can add an additional step before this one and allow the students to compare the info they got with members of the same group before you re-group the students!)

5. Students report to each other a paraphrase or summary of what they read.

6. As an extension activity, you can have the students write a summary of the whole text based on information gained in the jigsaw share.

image taken from: en.wikipedia.org


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