Quick Activity Idea: Charades to practice gerunds as subjects





  • Divide the class into 2 teams.
  • A member of each team comes to the front of the room.
  • The teacher shows one member a card with a gerund activity on it (it can be written on the card, for example: ‘running’) and the other member a card (this can be a picture or a flash card) showing the effect/feeling that goes with this activity (like ‘tired’, ‘exhausted’, or ‘healthy’)–>so the 2 members of different teams each act out a half of one sentence. This means that the guessing teams have to pay attention to both students at the front of the room to get the full answer.
  • The 2 students mime their separate activities/feelings and the first guessing team to make the full sentence (For example, “Running makes me tired.”) will get the point.
  • Continue the game until all the cards run out. Make sure to switch out the 2 actors after each round of guessing.

image taken from: buzzle.com


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