Teaching Tip of the Week: Monitor your heart out!


Monitor students carefully when they are working alone or checking in pairs so you can call on a weaker student who has the correct answer. It will give them a confidence boost to have provided the correct answer in front of the whole class. I would also suggest planning out each student you will call on. This way you know that you are only calling on students with right answers. When a student gives the wrong answer in front of the whole class, even for a strong outgoing student, it can be embarrassing. 

This monitoring also allows you to assess how the activity went on the whole before the class share. If the students have a lot of wrong answers, maybe clarify a few things as a whole class and allow the students another chance to fix their mistakes before the class share. 

Finally, don’t forget to give individual support while monitoring. It is a great chance for error correction and one-on-one clarification. If your students are doing a controlled practice activity, there is no reason for you not to give them the help they need so that all the students can be guided to the correct answers before the class share :).




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