Quick Activity idea: SVO!




For students who have trouble with SVO (subject-verb-object). Here is a quick and easy activity that gives them a lot sentence making repetition in groups. First break the class into groups of 3 or 4. Then give each group a bunch of small blank pieces of paper. Groups write as many subject nouns as the can in one minute on the little slips of paper. Then groups write as many verbs as they can in one minute (students must write verbs that take an object). Lastly, students write as many nouns that can be objects as they can in one minute. You can, of course, give the students more than one minute if they need it.

Now have groups exchange piles of paper. Groups make as many sentences as they can with the SVO pattern. Make sure that the groups know that they must conjugate the verbs and group subjects, verbs, and nouns to make logical phrases. No illogical or incorrect sentences are allowed.  

You can even turn this into a fun competition :). Have fun and I hope this is helpful for your students!

image taken from: http://boggletondrive.com


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