Using technology in the classroom

Next week we are having training in using EBeams, which Rennert recently aquired.  I am excited about this because I think it’s important to introduce technology into taecher training.  We live in a digital world and many of our students are highly literate in technology.  It makes sense to me to integrate into the language classroom, and therefore into teacher-training courses.  There’s an interesting article in the UK Guardian about this. 

It makes me think about ways we can integrate technology in the classroom.  Autumn is doing a really interesting professional development session on Brainshark next week, which looks like a lot of fun.  The Internet is also a great resource for students to do research for presentations etc.  You can use Facebook for students to practice ‘looks like’, ‘likes’ and ‘is like’ by discussing their Facebook friends with their classmates (another great lesson idea from Autumn).  You can so webquests, podcasts, grammar websites and more. 

I’d love to hear what other ways people are using technology with their English Langauge Learners.


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