Oh Grammar!

Well, the participants on my course are starting to plan their grammar lessons. This is usually when they really start to get nervous. It is funny how as a teacher, grammar is something you teach everyday, but it can still be scary and intimidating even for experienced teachers.

Here is what my participants are saying about their first experience grammar:


“Oh! It’s so hard! I don’t want to think about my plan!”

“Oh! So stressful!”

“I’m so confused because we just did a listening lesson and now we are doing grammar! Difficult!”

“I have to find my target language and I feel confused because it’s my first time to teach grammar.”

“I like grammar so I’m a little confident. If I teach grammar in Korean I can do it, but in English…ouff!”

In response to the above: “Don’t listen to her! Her nickname is the grammar princess!”


So, a mixed bag of reactions, but I really believe in this group! I am so excited as their trainer to watch these lessons! I’ll let you know what happens on Friday :).



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