NYC Marathon

Thinking like an ESOL teacher means you end up seeing lesson oportunities everywhere.  I watched the end of the NYC Marathon yesterday for a couple of hours, and it was truly inspirational and a real testament to the human spirit.  Danielle, one of our SIT alum, and current Rennert teacher, ran for a charity, so congratulations Danielle!  It left me all worked up and ready to enter in the 2012 marathon (but don’t hold me to it, my enthusiasm may well wane.)

NYC Marathon 2011

Even if I don’t run next year, visiting the website made me think of several lessons you could structure around the marathon and the website.  Some ideas that came to mind were:

–          Describing the route using prepositions and language of directions (“go across the Verrazano Bridge”)

–          Setting a training plan using future perfect (“By May, 2012, I will have run 15 miles”)

–          Reading comprehension (the history page is a good one for this)

–          Listening (Charity video, for example  )

–          A web quest – set reading questions

–         A springboard for discussion describing major sports and/ or sporting events  in their country

I’d love to hear any other ideas you have …


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