Using Video for speaking practice

Today is the last day of the practicum intensive course that I’ve been training on for the last 2 weeks.  This has been a great chance to have a series of integrated skills lessons, with focused lesson prep and feedback afterwards.  Jae Woun has been alone on the course and has done a really great job.  She really excels in breaking information down to provide scaffolding for her students.

Today she did a great activity with video.  After pre-teaching vocabulary and doing a note-taking practice activity, half her students left the room for 10 minutes, while the other half stayed inside and watched Mr Bean at the Library,

without sound.  They took notes so that when their classmates returned, they could tell the story to them, as they asked lots of questions to get more information.  Then the students who had been outside retold the story to the teacher, and then they worked together to recreate the story that Jae Woun had on strips of paper.  The students spent ages and ages talking, using the vocabulary they had learned, as well as simple past, which they’d been studying all week.    At the end of the lesson, everyone watched the clip again, this time with sound, so they could see what they had forgotten or could see what their partner had described to them.

I love this activity.  And everybody loves Mr Bean.  A fun, communicative, student-centered way to finish the week 🙂


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